English welcome

You're welcome at OSM Badminton, the badminton club of Maarssen

When you don't speak Dutch, you're still very welcome at OSM Badminton. Most of our members speak English and you can play the sport with us even without words.

Badminton is a fun way to get and stay healthy and fit. We offer badminton for every badminton player: from young to old, from beginner to experienced veteran and from recreational to a high competition level. OSM is affiliated with the national organization Badminton Nederland, what means that our members can participate in all competitions and tournaments in the Netherlands.

On the home page you can read the latest news. The club pages provide you with all the information about our association and badminton as a sport. You can always make an appointment with us to get acquainted with badminton at OSM Badminton.

How to read this site in your own language

There are more than 1.000 pages on this site, so we can't translate them for you. Instead we advice you to make use of the translation services that are provided by your browser.

For instance the the browser Edge on Windows has a build-in translation service already provided. The browser Safari on iPhone, iPad and Mac has also such a translation service, although Dutch is only supported on the operating system versions as of 2022.

When you use Chrome, here is the instruction how to add the translation feature:

  • Open the Chrome Web Store.
  • In the left column, click Apps or Extensions.
  • Browse or search for Google Translate and click on it.
  • Click Add to Chrome.
  • There will be a confirmation screen where you'll have to confirm that the extension is allowed to change de website texts. Do so by clicking on Add extension.
  • You'll see the Google Translate extension appearing in your extension launcher.
  • In the launcher you can press on the 'pin' to pin Google Translate as a button in your browser toolbar.

Now you will be able to read all our pages in almost any language you want. We try to avoid difficult Dutch text constructions, so the translation should run smoothly. Enjoy!

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